Dear friends,

is our pleasure to propose you our first interactive catalogue "R.A.M.S. Idee Luminose" on Internet. Our Company born in 1998 and in only two years we have been able to become leader in the field of "SQUIDS" fishing, thanks to the service offered at the customers and expecially thanks to the great capacity of offering a great field of tackles. In a sector strongly characterized by a continue innovation, is always felt the necessity by the anglers and the operators to be costantly abreast. In this optics the catalogue of R.A.M.S. tackles, obteined with the collaboration of professional fishermen, is directed towards both the amateur and the angler, there is the opportunity of choosing in the best way your equipment, and the trader is so able to satisfy always his clients. Sure of your positive reply, we are anxious to begin new co-operations to let you see our business actions. Otherwise, we inform you that in our company you find not only a simple manufacturer and seller, but you will find a precious partner ready to co-operate and to study with you new fishing tackles.


Copyright® 1999 Ing. Paolo Parisi, Rams@alinet.it.